Changing my name on my Front End Certificate

So, I already searched the forum for this, and found someone with the exact same issue, but their solution isn’t working for me.

I recently completed the front end projects and claimed my certificate (!!!), but afterwards I realized only my first name appears on it. I realized it was connected to my Github account so I quickly changed my name there and refreshed, but it stayed the same. I then went through the process of claiming my certificate again and still no change. I have waited a week at this point, and there has been no change to the certificate. My Github account is displaying my name correctly.

Is there another way to change my name so that my full name appears?

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Which was the previous question? Can you link to it?

Try “Update my profile from GitHub” from the settings page.

This was the link to the similar question that I found - Changing my name on my Front End Certificate

My name is now appearing correctly, after I went through the claiming process one more time. Not sure why it didn’t work first time through!

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How did you reclaim the certificate?
The claiming button now says “Show certification”.
Any help is much appreciated.