Changing my username

I would like to change the random string of characters that is my username in my profile (not forum profile) back to the one I had originally, and which is the same as my Github/Codepen/LinkedIn/Twitter etc, but when I go to change it is says the username is unavailable. I’m guessing that’s because I used it when I registered originally!

I am still using the same profile as my projects and progress is the same, but I would like my username back please :frowning:

You can log in to your original account and delete it (or change the username). If you want to merge the two accounts, you can email with the details of both accounts. If you choose to do that, please be patient. There’s a lot going on right now.

How do I log in to my original account? As far as I am aware, I am still using my original account, though I can’t remember if I used to log in using Github before the changes happened. Thanks.

You would need to log in with the email address associated with your old account. If you are seeing a different username when you log in then you either had a different address associated with your account, or you never added an email address to your old account.

Sorted it, thank you so much :smiley:

how did you do that?
i have same issue exactly like you?
please help me!!

  1. Delete the new account.
  2. Log in with your old email address.
  3. Go to the settings page to update your email address. It must match the email address associated with any of your linked accounts (like GitHub).

I did it exactly how you told me. Unfortunately it is not possible! I deleted my new account and done everything. Still need help!

User accounts are identified internally by email address. Is it possible that you used another platform to login (like Google or GitHub)? If so, that account may have had a different email address associated with it and your FCC account might be under that email address.

Hi, can i change the ID profile (not my email account registered on freecodecamp) and my certifications will be ok?

thank you in advance.

You can change your username or your email address and you won’t lose anything.


Thank you for your help!