Changing Twitter Logo to new X logo

I’m trying to change the old twitter logo on the profile page to new X logo, but it seems FCC uses fortawesome for logos and there’s no update yet for the new X logo, can I add the X logo from fontawesome instead?

This is my first time contributing, need help

there’s no need yet for something like that.
leave the bird alone.

bird is known and well established logo people are familiar with.

but the issue is marked “help waned”

you shouldnt add whole font library because of one icon. find svg icon and copy-paste it where it should go.

You should ask in the linked issue, but no, I wouldn’t assume that we want to add another icon library.

there’s so much better things to fix than this.

Any help received to fix items marked as issues is greatly appreciated. Belittling others’ efforts for trying to help is not appreciated as much.

I’m not belittling anyone’s efforts. Can’t believe you’re giving up on bird so fast.

The original question has been answered. No need to keep debating if this is a valuable contribution.

@Tiku03 if you have more questions, go ahead and ask in the GitHub issue.