Check for Palindromes/ Regular Expression Multiple Patterns?

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I already solved the problem.

My question is, if it is possible to shorten my code for searching for non-alphanumeric characters, underscore characters, and whitespace characters.

Can I make a Regular Expression with more than one pattern inside it?
For example:
var regEx = /pattern,2ndpattern,3rdpattern/g;

Is this possible?

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function palindrome(str) {
  // Good luck!
  //If any non-alphanumeric characters are present remove them.
var newstr = str.replace(/_/g, '');
   newstr = newstr.replace(/\s/g,'');
   newstr = newstr.replace(/\W/g,'');
   newstr = newstr.toLowerCase();
var endOfStr = newstr.length;

palindrome("race1 _car!##@#$DSFASF");

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You can use square brackets to search for more than one type of character, eg.

.replace(/[_\s]/, " ")

I use a regex tester to build up my regular expressions, you might want to check out as it will highlight what the regex is doing as you work through it.

Hope this helps

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