Check my Local Weather App

Hello please send me your feedback about my local weather app check it out here and the code right here

Also, find my other projects at right now I’m working with the Wikipedia viewer but I’m really bad with javascript any suggestion to improve my learning curve with javascript. thanks

It looks okay but you can play with it a bit more… Since you are using service for weather as I responded already to different post - extend it. Add some more functionality then do the layout based on that functionality. For instance user might prefer sunny weather so he might wanna see when it will be sunny, so next step - forecast. Then something like histogram of temperatures this week or month for instance. To make it a bit funny you can state user where it is sunny near his location to move or travel :slight_smile: Anyway, be creative with functionality and then you can layout things. I like your portfolio page, but you need to finish it, good start and one tip - use color schemes for site. it is usually set of colors that are combined well into design. For instance in a background you use blue color and sections without images fall into same background color. Work on that. Style contact form better. I like section with your work but you can improve it with some effects like click on a buttton will slide down some description of project and preview. jQuery will do the work. Javascript improves over time and you have to accept one thing - nobody will ever know Javascript to the point to say I know 100% how to code like a master. But you must practice and improve your programming skills. Javascript is pretty much free-style language so it is hard to recommend some well established practices. Checkout Google guidelines for that. And hardly you will do pure Javascript, now you have lot of frameworks and libraries that can help you out. Pure Javascript is very very difficult for many reasons.

Thanks so much for all your suggestions I going to put in practice as soon as I dig a little bit more in javascript. I am getting a hard time understanding now. I am watching “JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts” in Udemy website right now. I going to keep moving until something happen.