Check My Tribute Page

Here’s my Sal Khan Tribute Page!

I had a few issues:

  • I could not get thumbnail and caption tags to work exactly the way I wanted them to.

  • The jumbotron div was flush with the top of the page for some reason.

  • I couldn’t figure out the neat bootstrap footer that was shown in the example.

I welcome all tips and comments you can offer me, and thanks for taking a look.


That is awesome. Khan definitely deserves a tribute, and Khan Academy is the only reason I was able to progress past college algebra. Looks great, too. He’d be happy with it. Also, it looks like your footer is coded almost exactly like the example. Bootstrap doesn’t have a footer class, so you did just what you should have done!

Looks good, adding ‘padding-top: 10px;’ will give you the gap between jumbotron and the top section (its on the sides as you’ve got the columns which adds gutters - i think)

I like the right aligned quote, also good shout on Khan Academy, that guy is great.