Check out and comment on my Product Landing Page please!

Hi there!

Tried to build a product landing page for billiard enthusiasts. I was stuck for some time but managed to pass the tests, although with notes for improvements for sure. Hence, please comment and give me feedback! Many thanks in advance!


Hello LSFerrand!

The page looks very professional, with a nice color, font, and image selection, very pleasing to my eyes. Well done!

My notes of what can be improved is only an approach like a Call to Action with the E-mail box and Submit Button at the botton of the page. A very important aspect of a landing page is how to bring closer your prospective customer, and these 2 items are pretty involved in this concept. Like a final step in a selling point.

I have found a quite good article that explains in detail how to better approach the development of these 2.

I Hope this helps, and wish you the best of luck in your developer path!

Hello friend!
Page looks cool and clean.
My suggestions would be use of logo colors and bigger CTA, in this case, it would be submit button and email capturing part.
Add some clearer mouse over effects, lets say, when you hover over header links.
Practice your JS skills in next module and come back to your page, make it better and then share it with us. Cheers!

Page looks good @LSFerrand. Some things to revisit;

  • Make the page responsive. On smaller screens the video doesn’t scale causing a horizontal scroll bar.
  • Check that a valid, properly formatted email address has been entered when hitting the submit button. Raise an error if not. You learned to do this when you created the survey form.