Check out and leave feedback on my Twitch App Project!

Hello campers!

I’m really excited because I came back to FCC after 4 months of break, finally I completed “Symmetric Diffrence” bonfire and I would like to share my new project. I’m looking forward for your opinions on my code and aesthetic side of app :)!

Looks nice and clean, but I’m not seeing any user avatars - just question marks…

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I’m aware of that, I chose this solution because I didn’t work out how to store previously loaded avatars (as you probably know API doesn’t give access to avatars of people that are offline). Could you share some hint how to work around this issue?

Thanks for your reply!

You could use another request (in offline case) with info about channel:

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I totally overlooked this request in documentation, thanks for letting me know that it’s possible. I added feature that @JacksonBates suggested, now every bar has it’s own avatar :D.

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Glad I could help =)

Looks nice even on mobile … The pen Doesn’t scale on this forum but looks nice nevertheless.

@lastJson - thats why I think that FCC is the best place for learning how to code, so many people that are willing to sacrifice their time to help others. It feels great to be a part of such a great community :).

@JohnMica - I appreciate your kind words, thanks man!

Now I plan to implement search bar and I will try to make my code run faster - I’m really looking forward for tips how to make my JS cleaner.

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