Check Out My first Tribute Page

Hi so i just did my first tribute page for the certification project and i need someone who has experience to check it out ,point out and give me any tips so i can become better thank you.


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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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HI @ArcaniDFG !

Please provide your code so we can provide you with feedback.

For feedback, I would suggest creating a free codepen account and placing your code in there and sharing the link with us.

That will make it easy to provide feedback.

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Hello @jwilkins.oboe

I just made the codepen here is the link

I think your page looks good.

A few thoughts from me

I would go over this lesson on giving linking meaningful names.

Wikipedia entry is not that accesibile of a link name.

There are certiain places where yo ucan use the padding shorthand property, like here


padding:1 vw 5vw;

Hope that helps!

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Wow Thank You very Much i totaly forgot about the padding shorthand property.

Hello @ArcaniDFG

Great job! The page looks great! You have a good eye for color scheme and style. Nice use of id and class in the HTML to utilize in your CSS.

Check out and The W3C CSS Validation Service. These sites let you run your HTML/CSS through and will find any little errors (there are just a few).

Keep on truckin!

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thank you very much @MoxElliot.
Will check them out

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