Check out my Front-End Portfolio

Hi Campers

Check out my Portfolio :slight_smile:

Naeem Rind Portfolio

Would Love some Feedback

I love the intro and the formatting. Very attractive. I would re-work your into a little bit as the grammar seems a little off. Something like this maybe?

“My name is Naeem Rind and I am a Front-End Web Developer based in Quetta. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering in 2013 from insert school name here. I am passionate about programming, particularly Web Development and Web Design. My hobbies include walks in the countryside and Nature Photography. Besides Web Development, I have a good command on Adobe products and UI Designing. Currently I am polishing up on my Front-End Dev skills + Responsive Web Design. My Current Skills are below.”

Other feedback would be perhaps to streamline your font choices into all one category. To me, the combination of Serif and sans serif fonts looks choppy. I would use the font you use for your name in the intro animation for everything, but that’s definitely subjective.

Great job man!

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Thanks a lot for the correction and your sincere suggestions. I will apply these changes today.