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Any comments positive or negative are very welcome!


Source code:

I tried the tool but seems it’s not live yet. I get the following response whenever I entered a new url.

Sorry for that! There’s actually a delay when transfering information to database, so you got this error because of this. I will tackle this problem in the future, so that it is a little more user friendly! Thanks for your feedback!

I have tried it again but I get no valid url. Also, the interface is hard to work with.

Well, the interface is better than the problem wants you to have.

shortUrl is what you will append to the site’s name:

For example, if you get this:
Then, the shortened version would be:

Though, I agree that it is one of the aspects that should be improved.
Thanks once again! :slight_smile:

I get it now. You should maybe mention it on the page. It will be helpful to new users.

As per your suggestion, did that :slight_smile:
Thank you for your time that you have spent checking this out! :blush: