Check out my personal porfolio!

Hello there,
Finally I finished my second project in FCC, the Portfolio page.
I have to say that mine is weird. Everyone would like to create a page about himself/herself, but I created one to introduce about Mr.Robot - Elliot. He is my favorite character that I have discovered recently.
This one is not a Tribute page.
Here is the link -->
Tks for visiting, and please leave a comment below if you want!

Well OK. Let’s think that’s Mr. Robot’s page so may be he likes that messy interface. But anyway why the navigation is not working?
Actually this is an exercise to for some Bootstrap skills. Sorry, but you failed the Mobile first design. I see You linked the Bootstrap CDN, but You didn’t actually use it. Why?

Take a look at :wink:
Last section is too unreadable for my, but rest look pretty nice.