Check out my Personal Portfolio Page? Maybe? Please?

Hey FCC Friends!

I finally finished up my Personal Portfolio Page and just wanted to share it with you guys! :slight_smile: It’s strictly HTML and CSS with Bootstrap. Haven’t gotten around to JavaScript quite yet…

Link -

Any feedback or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and happy coding!!!

Masami :v:

Nice and clean look. I don’t think the facebook button is doing what you meant it to do.

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Looks awesome :thumbsup:!

Your page breaks on mobile on two places :frowning2:


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Thanks buddy! and yea I left out linking my real facebook account for now :grin:

Appreciate it kev :slight_smile: and thanks for the critique!

Would you perhaps have any advice for how to scale down the header text??

You’ll have to write your own media queries. For example,

@media(max-width: 768px) {
  /* CSS for scaled down header text... */

Helpful reads on media queries

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Great! I’ll look into it!

I ended up using viewport units on my CSS and added some Boostrap grid-classes to accommodate the mobile version. Should be a little easier to read now :slight_smile:

Link -

Yep the text doesn’t spill off the jumbotron now :thumbsup:

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Your code is very clean and clear, do not confuse and messy like mine. Well done :smiley:

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Thanks!!! :grin: :slight_smile: