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Hey guys, so this is my first post on this forum and the first time im showing my code online (big day haha), if you have any thoughts please let me know! (Didn’t figure out the jquery scroll stuff though)

I like the expand-on-hover thing but I’m not a fan of the transparent navbar. The text is unreadable when it’s over an image, which is often. Also, the buttons don’t work for me. To do so, put id tags on the divs containing your info and contact values. Then wrap your navbar buttons in anchor tags that refer to those divs. For example:

<div class="header_container">
<!-- Other stuff -->
<a href="#about_me"> <div class="header"><span>Info</span></div></a>
<a href="#contact"> <div class="header"><span>Contact</span></div></a>

<div id="about_me"> 
 <!--Stuff about you -->

<div id="contact">
<!-- Contact info -->

This should get you some basic scrolling. It’s bit rough, but that works without JS. The facebook button is also massive, and I don’t see any other contact details. Good luck, and keep improving. :smile: