Check out my portfolio project!

I literally made it for my friend and we are trying to deploy it.
Anyway, I still need to make the logo responsive. Besides that, I have a Parse Error when I got through my codes in HTML validators. Not sure why. Can someone help me why?

Your portfolio looks good @sayeh92.

If you mean when you run your code through the W3C validator and you see this Character reference was not terminated by a semicolon as the error. It’s telling you what it’s looking for and it tells you what line it is on.

Some other things to revisit;

  • On smaller screens your about text doesn’t fully display
  • On smaller screens the project images looks squished. They can probably have a little more width.
    • In addition, the title for ‘data engineering’ is falling out of the container
  • Rather than having your projects open and showing code it would be better if they were hosted and ran on GitHub pages
  • Your one codepen project would look better opening full view rather than the pen view.
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Your site really looks awesome; i like the intro animation stating your name and like your bottom social media links. well done

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