Check out my Product landing page...passed all user stories

Hey, just finished the product landing page..PS i made it  responsive so YAY!!
check it out
 [product landing page](

Great effort! I noticed a few minor things that you could improve/change:

  1. In your anchor tags there is no need to set a target for each link to _self because that is the default setting for an anchor tag.

  2. When you shrink the page before your media query sets in for the navbar some items become unclickable as they are behind your logo.

  3. Your logo sometimes disappears when scrolling done the page most notably within the About Us section

  4. The paragraph tag with the id “par2” has the tagname as “P” not “p”

  5. You don’t need to put everything in a body tag as everything in the html editor in CodePen is automatically placed in a body tag.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @paladinvaan2018 i’ll definitely work on all of that but for the body tag i do my work in another text editor so i just paste thats why.
but thx for the feed back.