Check out my Quote Generator - Feedback Appriciated

Quote Generator

Please give any feedback :slight_smile:

I am aware it is broken for mobile. I will be fixing that in the near future.

@meisangry2 saw ur randomquotegenerator. looks good. liked the idea of changing color with each quote. i think u can make it more random by including more quotes by having all quotes present in a txt file.

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Cool! Really like the way you used animation.

I was playing around with using an external source for the quotes. But the only good one was limeted to something like 8 quotes a day without paying.

I could have added more quotes, I got them from a list of 100 on forbes. Laziness was my downfall there. Only got 25.

Thanks! Its a nightmare to make work.

I first tried it here. The guide I used is in the comments for it if you want to try.