Check out my Responsive Web Desighn final project

Hi, I`m just finished the course FreeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design. Could you take a look at my final work? I will be thankful for your comment, it helps me improve my skill.
Complete project on my personal domain
Open source code on Codepen

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I like it! Good effort and works great in my cellphone. A couple of nitpicks design things though are:

The portfolio section is just images. People want to be able to click on your project links and view them (or demos of them).

The top left corner of the page has three vertical rectangles in different colours. I assumed I was supposed to click on these to get your menu but they currently do nothing (they don’t seem to add anything to your design at this point).

The hamburger menu icon appears to have a slightly longer middle line. (It just looks a tiny bit longer than the others). Not sure if that is just in my screen.

Great work!

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In this version, let’s call it 0.1b, the main positioning is actually for the laptop, but I’m still learning and, at some point, may add more media queries; it takes some time.
In the first update, fixed:

  • logo interactivity
  • hamburger icon
  • portfolio styling
  • other minor bugs.

DM me so I can link you to a private updated version.

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