Check out my simon game

Please review my simon game.
Incase you’re curious as to how to make the quadrants, check out this website:
Also check out this website for a clue on how to make the program move one level up:

It looks good! Like the real thing!

My only criticism is that you need to check how it looks in a variety of window sizes and aspect ratios. Even in the CodePen frame here it gets distorted.

  • Bruce

What’s a good way to test this?

If you’re using a desktop PC, it’s easiest to resize the browser window (restore down in upper-right corner and drag lower-right corner of window). You can also, and it’s a good idea, try different devices like mobile phones and tablets.


I decided to not make this project redponsive and focus on the javascript part instead. That’s why it’s not really adapting to different devices as well as you’d like it to.

Ahh. I see. Of course.

Are you referring to zoom? I was looking at some mobile device emulators online to see how my pjects look on mobile

No. If you look at your web browser, in the upper-right corner (assuming you’re using windows) in between the “minimize” button and the “close” button there is a “restore-down” button that gives you a window size in between maximized and minimized. You re-size this window as you like by “grabbing” it along the edges or corners and dragging.

Ok thanks. I’ll do this in the future for my pjects so employers won’t be mad


I decided to edit the pen. Please check it out now.

Hey, Ed, that’s much better!

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