Check out my tribute page about a bridge!

Hey there! I started FCC a couple months ago with zero knowledge of coding. Zero. When first got to the tribute page I never started it and felt intimidated and unprepared, and forgot about it for a while. I revisited the first sections again and understood it all the material way better the second time around. Here is my first project: the tribute page!

Would love your feedback. I realized just now that it doesn’t look as good on a laptop (I designed it on a big monitor). How would I scale it down better? Thanks!

Layout looks okay, but I can’t see the images!

Weird… they work fine for me in Chrome, but when view the page in Safari the images were broken. Any ideas why this would be? The images are hosted on imgur

Images from imgur don’t work most of the time.

Its interesting and they layout is cool, and the topic is original in the sense most of tribute pages I have seen are about people

Ok, ive changed them to be hosted on dropbox. Does it work now?

I can see them now :thumbsup: