Check out Portfolio

Check out Portfolio
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Hi Guys. I have just completed my portfolio. Check it out and let me know what you think. :slight_smile: Thanks


use i’ll tell you, its cool and more members will look at your portfolio and give feedback!


And that was cool! yeah! Just askin but is that photo your real setup?


Your portfolio, or rather your personal website, is your business card. It should be a pleasure to look at, few contents but that describe your personality. It’s useless to insert random masses of skill and projects when the eye has difficulty understanding how the portfolio is divided. I will also be critical, but it is too confusing and for me there is no kind of quality in listing skills etc … without a visual criterion.


i’ll try that. Will probably restart the whole thing. Thanks for your feedback


no, that’s not mine. Just had to use a picture in the meantime. Thank you


Hi Eduardo. Thanks a lot for the feedback. I will restart the whole project. It was not meant to be so jam-packed but I used this project to understand and use CSS grid quite a lot, rather than focusing on the aesthetics.
However, as my personal portfolio, it should look appealing. Hence, I will rebuild the whole thing, with careful attention to aesthetics and simplicity.

I would also appreciate your feedback on this landing page:

Thanks a great deal!


It’s a good start. With a few improvements it will be very good.
I like the use of the YouTube video as it gives you a chance to show your personality.
I think this should go in the About me section.
I like the use of particles js too.
If you make it less busy as Eduardo said and tidy some of the problems it will be great.
One thing to fix is the page has no title right now. It says “Document”.
And another, use text-decoration:none; on the social links to remove the underline.


Hi JohnnyBizzel, I appreciate your constructive feedback. I will work on what you have mentioned. Like you stated, I started this webDev self-teaching journey about two weeks ago and hopefully, I will do much better with further experience


Yes. The idea of the Portfolio is to keep returning to it to improve it as you learn and complete projects.


Thanks for revitalising my motivation. Very helpful!


It’s not visually appealing because of all the blocks. You can use blocks just don’t give them borders and blend them in with the background. I wouldn’t use the checkboxes. I would use bullet points. You need to fix all the warped images. You also need a color scheme. Hope that helps.


I appreciate your input, geekysmurf. I will definitely take those into consideration. For now, I am trying to progress with the curriculum and will return to it or start from scratch, as I garner more experience. Thanks a bunch!