Check out this magic 8 ball project!

Hey everyone,

Good morning, afternoon, evening, or good night and check out this magic 8 ball I just built using React.

The basis for the project was from a exercise in the React section on freecodecamp then I just tweaked it a little and styled it up. Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!

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Hey @userNameOnline, I like it. My only critique is to make it so everything fits in the height of the viewport. For a fun little app like this don’t make the user scroll.

On a side note. I’m still working through JS so haven’t hit React. I didn’t know this was an exercise there and I’ve been doing little side project with JS as I work through the course and this was an idea I thought would be fun. I may continue it and then see how it differs once I learn React.

Overall, good job. It’s fun little things like this that lets us stretch what we can do.

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