Checkbox checked

How to keep the label permanent when checkbox for corresponding input is checked?

Testing checkbox

The actual label has to be nested. So:

<label for="SC" id="second">
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The label is being generated randomly I would like to keep this function

Okay, well want do you want there first?

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I want that when you check a label and click study that checked label would not change

Would you be ok if the checkboxes were just disabled after Study is clicked? That would prevent the checkboxs from being clicked which would prevent the checkbox from changing.

yup that is it! but how?

You will need to create some code that assigns the value true to each checkbox input’s disabled property after the Study button is clicked.

An example of how to disable a checkbox with an id=“myCheck” is shown below.

document.getElementById("myCheck").disabled = true;

it is not possible to assign the value true for each input after a checkbox is checked?

You could, but you said you wanted the checkboxes to not change after Study was clicked. What if a user wanted to change his/her mind before clicking Study? What if they accidentally clickd one and needed to uncheck before clicking Study?