Checking mistakes in the Javascript console

Dear fellow campers,

I’m am presently building a website in Wordpress (yes, latest version :wink: ), for my project in the course “Webdesign”, given by Eric Wagter, Delft.

I got an API-key for Google Maps, so fully optimistically I now try to add a new event to my website, with a link to where the event will be given. Then I get the message “Oeps, something went wrong”, and the tip to check what went wrong in the Javascript Console… Right… where can I find this (in Wordpress)?

Probably you guys (m/v) can help me quite easily in this. Help will be appreciated. Yes, I am a beginner at this.

Thanks in Advance!

Look in the browser, then “inspect” or “inspector”.

There will be a tab for “Console” somewhere:
These are in both Firefox and Chrome

Note this question would make more sense in the “help” section