Checkout my portfolio

Hello i am an developer from the netherlands. I like to work with javascript frameworks like React, Vue and vanilla javascript.

Please check out my portfolio

If you have any feedback let me know. Thanks in advance

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Pretty good overall!

I would also add links to your demos instead of only github repo links.

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Thanks for your feedback. I definitely want to improve my portfolio, i have a couple of nice projects i want to put there.

Definitely. That is a good idea.

Really love the portfolio, I really enjoy how simple and clean the website is. I have a few small suggestions or things I noticed, (1) your down arrow is currently pure black, which makes it look out of place with the lighter black you used for the rest of the text on the initial page. (2) Because you the line height on the h1 Who Am I part is set to 1.2, the gap between the paragraph and the heading looks too large (at least to my eye) where I would prefer to the gap above that paragraph and below it leading to the buttons to be about the same (line height .8 appears to approximate this). (3) “most important technologies are showcased” doesn’t read quite right to me/sounds a little bit unnatural, if you’re looking for something similar try “most used”.

Edit: (4) after looking it again the only thing other thing that seemed a little off or disappointing relative to the quality of the rest of the portfolio was the nav bar after you began scrolling down, especially once you got past the first page’s gradient because I really like the gradient, so I decided to see how it would look if you kept the gradient as the background for hte nav bar. Here’s the result looks pretty good, but food for thought and opinions can definitely differ on this.

Overall, I wish I could get my portfolio even remotely near where your is! (design block is killer)

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@airathalis Thanks for your feedback, gradient nav bar sounds interesting. Will work on the other points

Thanks @jeffjefffer wil definitely share projects to receive feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

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