Chester Bennington tribute page

Hi all. I started FCC awhile ago but fell off for a bit. But I’m intent on staying and doing my best now.
Heres my tribute page to the late Chester Bennington. Please leave any comments or valuable feedback. I was having trouble with the responsiveness of the page. I think the font is too small when the window is resized. If anyone has any pointers that would be great!

I actually just viewed my pen on my phone and saw how poorly optimized it is for mobile :neutral_face:.
Will continue to work on it

Looks cool. I love the parallax effect. It makes it feel open. Here’s my feedback: You’re right about the text on mobile. Usually the layout changes on mobile. i will fork it to show you what I mean. Also, I wouldn’t have the image of Chester taking up 50%, because when you resize it the image itself stays the same size so there’s to much space on the sides. I know I’m being picky; I’m a designer. Sorry. Lastly, The navbar could be fixed at the top of the page for easy access. Good job, though. The code is really clear.

Oh! Btw, keep in mind that code will not indent if you do in the code, and so on. To start a new paragraph, make a new <p> tag or use the <pre> (preformatted) tag.