Chinese Whispers: Algorithm for NLP

I’m new to Python, I want to make this code to implement my corpus from (.csv)files Can anybody help me how to implement it like in the picture PLEASE!

import sys
import subprocess
from pandas import read_csv

def sort_input_sort(input_fpath):
sorted_fpath = input_fpath + “.sort”
df = read_csv('input_fpath ', sep="\t", encoding=‘utf8’, names=[“node_i”, “node_j”, “sim_ij”])
df = df.sort_values([“node_i”, “sim_ij”], ascending=False)
df.to_csv(sorted_fpath, sep="\t", header=False, index=False, encoding=“utf-8”)
return sorted_fpath

def clustering(input_graph_fpath, output_clusters_fpath="", mode=“global”, clustering=“cw”, N=200, n=200, cw_option=“TOP”, java_xmx_gb=16):
input_graph_fpath in the ‘node_inode_jsim_ij’ format. Can be sorted in any way.
mode: wsi or global; clustering: cw or mcl “”"

sorted_input_fpath = sort_input_sort(input_graph_fpath)

if output_clusters_fpath == "": output_clusters_fpath = input_graph_fpath + "-%s-%s-%d-%d-%s.clusters" % (mode, clustering, N, n, cw_option)

if mode == "wsi":
    cmd = "java -Xms1G -Xmx%dG -cp target/chinese-whispers.jar -in %s -out %s -N %d -n %d  -clustering %s -cwOption %s" % (
        java_xmx_gb, sorted_input_fpath, output_clusters_fpath, N, n, clustering, cw_option)
    cmd = "java -Xms1G -Xmx%dG -cp target/chinese-whispers.jar -in %s -out %s -N %d -cwOption %s" % (
        java_xmx_gb, sorted_input_fpath, output_clusters_fpath, N, cw_option)

print("\nStart clustering of with the following parameters:")

process = subprocess.Popen(cmd.split(), stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
for line in iter(process.stdout.readline, ''):

print(("Output clusters:", output_clusters_fpath))
print(("Sorted input graph:", sorted_input_fpath))


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