Chingu Cohorts?

What is chingu cohorts?

I would really like to get experience working remotely in teams on basic front end projects and based on the little information I found about the subject, I applied by filling up a form on their website but havent heard back from them.

Based on the tiers mentioned on the website, I selected tier 1 to help build landing pages. I have completed responsive front end certification and a few sections on JS on fcc, and learned C in cs50 course which I have finished until week 3. I would say that I can work on html, css, js, c and bootstrap properly. So I guess selection tier 1 was the right choice?

My long term aim is to be able to work remotely while traveling and I believe chingu cohorts will be a great opportunity to get experience in the same. It would be great if someone could point me to a resource that has info about how to go about being a part of a team and what the requirements are?

Or if someone has worked with teams on there in the past, please share how your experience was.


I’m currently in Chingu Voyage 9, and 10 just barely started, so be at least a few weeks before you hear anything. I don’t know for sure when the next voyage will start. Voyage 9 ends around the 14th so may be somewhere around there maybe.

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Thank you for your reply, I guess I will wait till I hear back.
How difficult is it to get accepted in teir 1?

Also, if you have any advise for someone looking to join in the voyages please share.


There is two phases to each voyage, the pre-work state and then the main voyage, the pre-work for tier one is and asigned clone project where you will take some sites page and try to make as close as possible a clone of it. I belive the pre-work part is just solo. You’ll have about 11 days to do this.

The Voyage however you can either do solo or with a partner. You will pick a project to do with your team mate and attempt to get that project done with in the allowed timeframe, about 6 weeks.

Also just noticed glancing at my “handbook”

Cohort 11 Schedule ( tentative )

August 14 - October 14, 2019

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That sounds pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing.
I guess if the next schedule starts August 14, I have plenty of time to brush up my skills.

I hope I hear from them before Cohort 11 starts.