Chingu group application

Hello everyone.

Is someone from Chingu group here? I have applied there over one week ago and didn’t get any response so far. The current voyage has to be finished before confirm new members?

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They are collecting right now the subscription to the new voyage ( it should start in 2-3 weeks ^^ ).
You will probably receive a mail in the next few days :slight_smile:

Thanks for answer. I was thinking that got rejected :sweat_smile:

Hi @kam773,
same here!!! I sent module few day ago and no reply. Thanks @Layer for your information!!!

I’m in Voyage 8 right now and it’s the last week. There seems to be a sense of people on the participant side scrambling to finish their projects and people on the Chingu side scrambling to motivate everyone to finish and be ready to present their finished products after the coming weekend. Probably by the end of the week, they’ll have a little more time to focus on the next voyage.

Nice, just signed up for one.

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I’m going to give it a go, too.
I’ve completed the sign in form. Apparently: there is a pre-work session starting on May 16. You have to do a solo project and complete a pair-programming session.

Any one know anything about the latter?

I’ve made it onto voyage 9.
Anyone else here doing this?

It could take up to a month to get the invitation after you applied, and yea it’s normal you don’t receive a confirmation email after submitting the application.

I’m in as well. Which tier are you?

I’m in tier - 3 :upside_down_face:

I’m in voyage 9 as well. I went for tier 2, probably could have done teir 3 if I had wanted. Actually feel like that project would have been easier then the Connect 4 one.

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Cool. See you on their Discord.

Same here, moving onto tier 3 :slight_smile:

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tier 2. Don’t know what we’re doing yet. But do feel that reading/writing to a central database would be useful skill. That’s really tier 3.

Would like to learn how to set up tests like they have on codewars/codesignal…
So far I’ve found:

Been going though this course a bit here and there in my free time, a good chunk of the first section is on testing with Jest with Enzyme.

Thanks, jnmorse.
I am doing an unrelated udemy course, and quite like it. So I will probably look into buying this one too.