Chingu's April cohort

Hi, I got accepted into Chingu’s April cohort and in the email I received it said that the cohort will start April 14th and that by Sunday (yesterday) I will get some cohort prep-material but I got nothing, I have also send an email to Chance but he did not reply. Just wondering did anybody else got an email with prep-material or I am somehow forgotten :smiley:

I got the same email as you but also no prep work as of the moment. I was wondering where it was but now I think something just came up and he couldn’t send them immediately :slight_smile:

I have just applied now! Fingers crossed I get in!

I’m on the same boat. It’s good to know that there may just be a delay or something, because I thought I got left out. There are still a few days before April 14 so fingers crossed.

hi all! same to me, waiting for the email :slight_smile:

Hey everyone!

I was about to send it on Friday, but then felt the Monthly Cohort Guide needed some improvements and… i completely re-made it from the ground up. :grin: I apologize for this. I wanted to send an email to let everyone know but didn’t want to spam people. Just putting the finishing touches on it now :slight_smile:


Also, is denis_davis sees this, please email shoot me a message. Your email bounced and not sure how to get a hold of you otherwise.

What cohort are you all in? I’m in the Rhino cohort. I’m really looking forward to meeting other members and working together!

I am in Rhino as well :+1:

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I just applied, hopefuly it’s not too late :frowning:

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I am in Raccoon cohort :smiley:
@GarrusNapp @theador0691 hope you will get invitation too if not in this cohorts, then in the next one

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I’m in the Rhino cohort too! Looking forward to getting to know you and learn together! :slight_smile:


Rhino here. Looking forward to getting started.


Just got my email now!! In the raccoons too!

looks like I am the first cheetah here. I wonder if the animal names have some sort of significance. like cheetah cohort is for people who have a long way to go and need to be come cheetahs to catch up. lol.

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I think that cohorts are made of people with similar level of knowledge because the projects are different, some are more complex while others are more simple, now we are waiting for the slack invitations and we are good to go!

I just signed up yesterday not really expecting to get into the April cohort, but here we are. I am a rhino - looking forward to meeting new people and building something.


@tropicalchancer thanks a lot for having me in April cohort!
Go go racoons!!! :smiley:

I’m really looking forward to speeding up my learning process, honing my skills and learning new ones. Also, I feel quite anxious about working in pairs/groups with other people, that’s completely new experience for me, and I will try and make the most of it!

Good luck to everyone!
(@branko-stankovic is my name)

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How can we join our cohort slack channels? Did I miss the info from all the material you have sent to us, or is it yet to be open for joining? Thanks in advance!