Choose my first web project

Hey guys :slight_smile:
I started to learn codding last autumn. Firstly, I have learnt JavaScript (fundamentals), then HTML and CSS (basics). After that I came across to this amazing website and youtube channel and went though React Tutorial (by Bob Ziroll) (which is very well understanble for newbies like me), did all challenges here few times. Last week I decied to go on with Redux, but really could not understand anything and felt stuck. So I decided first to build something on my own, without just copy and paste some code and follow instructions.
So what would you recommend me for my first project/web app, using Javascript, a little bit of HTML/CSS, React ?
There is a video tutorial in freeCodeCamp youtube channel - React tutorial: Build an e-commerce site from scratch using React and Netlify. Do you think it would be appropriate for me to start ?

I have a full time job as a fire safety inspector (tottaly different field from programming). And I use my evenings for coding. My goal is a career change as soon as possible and finding a web dev job.

Thank you in advance, guys:)

Well if you want to build something on your own, I wouldn’t follow

I advise you to build something from scratch on your own and FCC projects are perfect for that.


Personally I wouldn’t jump straight to e-commerce website as first project. Too complicated. I’m currently starting on a to-do list app, and that’s my 2nd from-scratch project. Then I’m thinking of making a weather app, or maybe some simple game.

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Thank you, guy :slight_smile: I am starting with FCC projects :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Hi there. I really dont know from what to start. Can you reccomend me something?


You should read my first post in the thread.

I agree with shimphillip because why would you learn javascript first? HTML is the skeleton of coding, then the css weather you work with flex or just plain css or the css grid system is the what beautifies the website and javascript makes it interactive and brings it to life. So yeah FCC is where you should start. It’s an excellent site and the people are tremendous at helping if you happen to get stuck or don’t understand something.