Choosing a bootcamp in SF for a CS grad

Hey everyone,
I graduated with a cs degree in 2017 from a liberal arts school. I don’t really think the school did a great job preparing me for the job market. I share some of the blame because I didn’t aggressively seek out programming internships or focus on a particular field while at school. Regardless, I found myself graduating with experience writing some baby Java projects, but not much that I felt qualified me for a developer role. Since graduating I have been working on improving my web developer skills and working in a non-programming job. I have learned javascript and some backend stuff, but I don’t feel qualified for a full on job. I am a hard worker when I am given the structure so a coding bootcamp sounds like a good idea to me. I think taking a web programming bootcamp course could help fill the gaps of my education, give me structure to put more time in, give me more experience working in groups, and give me a jumpstart of networking to look for a job.

I am trying to decide which bootcamp would be appropriate for me. Currently I have my sights set on hack reactor and app academy as rigorous, high-quality bootcamps that don’t start entirely from square one. I also looked at coding dojo and general assembly, but these camps seemed to have a more casual approach which does not seem to suit my needs.

Are there other back-end/full-stack bootcamps in the San Fransisco bay area that you would recommend that would be rigorous, not start from square one and preferably have good resources for job searching?

Check out Rithm School!