Choropleth Map suggestion

I just finished my Choropleth Map’s project (, and as I always do, I check the code at the example pen. I do this to see if there is some improvements I can do to my code, like for example to change a for loop for recursion, etc.
The thing was that I saw the example pen ( and I noticed there were many lines of code taken from Mike Bostock’s example at (
Of course most of us saw that example, after all Mike’s is the creator of D3 (or one of creators), but the point is that it is a copy of that code. There is for example a map created at the ffc’s example that is never used, it is called unemployment and the chart isn’t about unemployment.
To sum up, I think that someone should checks that pen, because it shows that the developer/s didn’t know what he was doing at all, even when the pen passed all the tests.
Sorry if I didn’t make myself clear, but english is not my mother tongue.
Ps: Great job you do with the platform, I love it.

the max value should be 75,1 % not a 66%.

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You are totally right! I fixed it, I just forgot to translate the axis

I used in this case
The max value is missing in legend.

I did’t know about that library. It seems interesting, I’ll use it in future projects

there is one problem it use d3v4

and also you will in next project use this

I will, thanks for the suggestion!!
Anyway, do you know who is in charge of checking the example pen given in this project?

if you mean the bundle.js