Chrome is cutting off part of my freecodecamp question

Please help.

When I access with my phone I see twice as much information per challenge as I do when I go in on my chromebook. In Chrome, I don’t see a way to submit the challenge.

What do I do to get it to work? Thanks so much!

I’m working on a Chromebook that has Ubuntu on it. Oddly, on the chromium side of my chromebook, it doesn’t give me the scroll bar to go down to the bottom of the question and let me submit the challange.

On the Ubuntu side, using Chrome, it give me the toggle bar. Why is that? Anyone had this problem?

It is the nature of Chromebook. I have the same issue. If I put my mouse over where the scrollbar should be, it will appear after 1/2 a second and then I can scroll normally.

Thanks. It works! On the linux side, using Chrome, that scroll car pops up right away and there is no confusion. But on the chromium side I have to know to hover over it. I hope I learn at some point what the difference is.

Could you post screenshots and/or make a screencast of the issue? We can add this as an issue and work towards a solution in the future.

This is the screenshot from the Ubuntu xfce desktop. Using Chrome. Scroll bar showing on left most column.

Chrome again. Regular Chromebook desktop. Would you call this Chromium or ChromeOS desktop? I don’t know yet. No scroll bar on left most column. Thanks to randelldawson’s reply, I learned to hover over it to make the scroll bar appear.

This behavior is not unique to FCC. This happens on most websites I visit using my Chromebook.