Chrome vs firefox

I finished an assignment but I can’t see my video because Firefox is blocking it “for my protection” on code pen.

Do we have to do code pen in chrome? Everything else worked fine…


Can I have a link to your CodePen to take a look?
CodePen can get fussy with embedded content, sometimes. Could be an error there.

I have to get home and open my computer. How would I do that anyway? Is there a link somewhere in the profile?

  • Vernesia Washington

The link I was asking for is the link to the project you are working on in CodePen - you can share that by loading your pen, copying the URL from the address bar, and pasting it here. :slight_smile:

Here is the link?


So it looks like you are trying to embed a Facebook video. It does not load on my end, either.

Facebook has specific instructions for this, which include ensuring that the video is made public. When I tried to follow the link to the video, it showed as unavailable on Facebook as well.

Ok - I’m off to figure that out now! Thanks

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I poked around fb, it’s not “blocked”… I don’t want to submit it “as is”…it will get “personal”.

Suggestions on sites that will host videos without fees?

  • Vernesia

YouTube is the first that comes to mind, and should allow your video to be embedded into CodePen with no issues. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll try that - thanks

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