Chromebook Linux trouble locating files

Hi there, I’m brand new to using command lines and terminal and am trying to do so on a Chromebook via the Linux Beta, which is making me quite frustrated. I’m watching a Javascript tutorial and I’ve gotten everything to work so far, but I’m stuck on trying to locate my files.

In order to open up my files in VS Editor, my files are in a folder called “Linux files”, but when I try to reference it, terminal keeps saying “No such file or directory”. Can anyone help me?

What I’ve tried so far:

  • Sharing “My Files” with Linux
  • using /mnt/chromeos/MyFiles - which works, but nothing within it shows up including Downloads and the Javascript folder I’m trying to access
  • downloading a file manager - Nautilus, which pops up a window in which my files are clearly there, but doesn’t help with the situation

What I’m trying to do, ultimately, is run Node with the file index.js, which it currently says does not exist.

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