Chunky Monkey help with the infinite

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I just don’t understand why this won’t work, how is it an infinite loop?

*edit, I solved it on my own with a whole other approach, but I still don’t understand what was previously wrong…

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function chunkArrayInGroups(arr, size) {
  var array = [];
  var iter = Math.ceil(arr.length / size);
  for (var i=0; i<iter; i++) {
    var x = i*size;
    array.push(arr.slice(x, x+size));
   /* for (var x=0; x<=arr.length-size; x+size) {
      for (var z=size; z<=arr.length; z+size) {
        array.push(arr.slice(x, z));
  return array;

chunkArrayInGroups(["a", "b", "c", "d"], 2)

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Your original code (with the code not comment out) does the following.

  1. Enter first for loop, i = 0

  2. Enter second for loop, x = 0;

  3. Enter third for loop, z = 2

  4. 1st iteration of third for loop - Since z is <= arr.length (4), you push [‘a’, ‘b’] into array. At this point array looks like [ [ ‘a’, ‘b’ ] ]

  5. 2nd iteration of third for loop - z = 2 and since z is <= arr.length (4), you push [‘a’, ‘b’] into array. [ [ ‘a’, ‘b’ ], [ ‘a’, ‘b’ ] ]

This continues forever with an additional [‘a’, ‘b’] being added to array, because the third for loop condition never evaluates to false.

Actually, after each loop, z is increased by size:
for (var z=size; z<=arr.length; z+size)
Therefor, z is never smaller or equal then the length of the array, z just keeps on getting bigger.
This happens with x before z too, so that’s why you’re getting an infinite loop warning at the line with the z-loop.

Edit: whoops my bad, wrong calculation there. z+size doens’t do anything in this loop, therefor @RandellDawson’s answer is correct. z is always equal to 2, which is always shorter than the length of arr (pirates!).