CI vs Laravel head-to-head comparison

Laravel Codeigniter
#1. Definition
Laravel is an open source PHP framework based on the MVC pattern, which robust and easy to learn and intended for programmers who need modest and elegant toolkit to build full featured web application. Codeigniter is an open source, powerful PHP framework with very small footprint, built for programmers who demand a simple elegant toolkit to build full featured web application.
#2. Database Model
Object Oriented. Relational Object Oriented.
#3. Programming Paradigm
Laravel is Object Oriented Event Driven Functional toolkit. Component Oriented toolkit.
#4. Routing
Explicit Routing Supports both Explicit and Implicit Routing
#5. Built-in Modules
Laravel allows programmers to divide a project into small module through bundles. They can further reuse the modules across various projects Doesn’t support built-in modularity features. Requires programmers to create and maintain modules by using Modular Extension additionally.
#6. HTTPS Support
Allows developers to establish custom HTTPS routes. Doesn’t support HTTPS routes sufficiently