Cipher n side project


I have been working in a little project to encode user entered text that was inspired by the Caesar’s cipher challenge.

Here’s a link to the Github page.

Let me know what you think.

Cipher n


Cool little program :slight_smile:

@svmi3195 Thanks! I just pushed a commit last night that should have the basic functionality I was aiming for when I thought of this project working.

I had a problem getting the correct results from the input provided because every time I fixed a bug a different one would pop up. The new bugs were not easy to catch because the manual testing I was doing was not consistent. I ended up taking a few days off from working on this to get up to speed with unit testing. I ended up implementing a few tests with

Testing helped track down what part of my code was failing. The best part however was consistency of the tests, as all tests run every time I refresh the html spec page, and the immediate feedback a testing framework provided.