Citing websites

I am currently finished with Html5 css and Jquery and doing the first project. The project invovles me using several sources and,I am not sure how to cite my information. I haven’t started coding yet. I like to postion all my infomation first so i have a cleaner code. Is there a particular style used commonly?
Thank you in advance.

By sources, do you mean textual content or code? Or perhaps an API?

Sorry more content right now. I am just going through a pre coding check list to make sure my information is correct and cited correctly. I wasn’t sure if there was a more excepted style as in APA MLA. That way i can plan the code accordinly.

I think it is up to you which style you use. Since you are not expected to do scholarly work, it would even be OK to omit the sources IMO. The example project doesn’t provide any.

Thank you for your reply. I may have been reading to much into it!

You could try the Purdue Owl guide to citing work. They cover both APA and MLA.
Images are a bit more complex, I couldn’t do a tribute page on who I wanted because there were no gpl images of them.
Here’s a link for Purdue’s APA guide for electronic resource citation…

Thank you! I have used Purdue page for past citing papers that I have written in the past. It is amazing! I just like citing my source on any public work that I produce. In college it was pushed so hard it became a common practice.