City sykilne-step 55

.bb2a {
border-bottom: 5vh solid var(–building-color2);
border-left: 5vw solid transparent;
border-right: 5vw solid transparent;
You should change the border-left to use 5vw ?
Why does it give this error?
can you help me please

You made other changes to the ruleset that you were not asked to make. I would reset the step to get the original CSS back and then make sure you only do these two things:

  1. remove the width and height properties
  2. change the border-left and border-right to use 5vw instead of 1vw (leaving the other border values exactly the same)

That’s all you should do. If you make any other changes then you will probably not pass (which is why you aren’t passing now).

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thank you very much:))

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