Claiming an inactive username on FCC main site?

Hi Support

Does FCC have an inactive username policy of any sort? I ask as I’d like to claim the same username I’m using here on the main FCC site if that’s possible?

I don’t believe that FCC has any sort of inactive username policy. It’s not uncommon for users to be inactive for months, or even a year or more. Additionally, many campers use their FCC profiles to augment their portfolios even if they are not currently active on the site.

Thanks for the response @ArielLeslie. I though as such, but thought I’d ask anyway, in case there was a chance I could claim the name.

I know the same name has been used on other sites but the accounts have barely been used, so the admins have freed the account up for re-use. I would appreciate if anyone from the main site could look into that account to see if it has even had any use.

Thanks again :slight_smile: