Claiming certificate beta question

Hello, i completed like 3 months ago:
-“Applied Responsive Web Design Projects”
-“Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures” exercices

But i don’t have any certificate yet on my profil. By the time, a new project on the html/css part appeared:

Do i have to complet this one to really get my certificates ? or does it still the same as 3 months ago where you can’t get them ? I’m asking because of my school exam. I will have to show thing i did this year and this is some thing i would like to put in.


Ok, i managed to get the Applied Responsive Web Design Projects certificate.
But i completed all JS challenge and i still have

I don’t know if it is a bug or i have to click on show solution

Up guys !! If some one can unlock this for me. Good evening

Unfortunately, this is a known issue that hasn’t been fixed yet in the Beta. Your school exam asks what you did outside your curriculum? That’s interesting. Where do you go to school/what level (high school, college, etc…).

Bachelor’s Degree (+2) in France. Well at the end of this year, you have, ammong many things like 2 internship, to do 2 projects and you can add up every thing you did too like freecodecamp.
Well, it suck a bit :confused: At least i have the full ‘.zip’ package.

True that. Have you built any personal projects along the way? Include that, too! Also, if you can organize a webpage (like the portfolio project) that can serve as a frontpage to present your work (especially the projects, and the estimated number of hours required to complete the waypoints), the page itself serves as work and legitimizes the rest of your “independent study” project. You can even explain what “Beta” status means, in case of non-computer science professors.

Yes, my portfolio is somewhat finich and i’m just finiching writing a technology surveillance

Alors, bonne chance!