Claiming certificate

Says I didn’t finish everything yet although everything is greyed out in my curriculum for this part. Does FCC provide a list of unfinished stuff on what this message is based?

I’ll do some checks in meantime with the projects I finished before the new curriculum. In meantime my advice to FCC to provide the list I mentioned so people can easily see what’s wrong.

Apologies for the inconvenience, but this is a known bug.

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As long as you guys know it, that’s important. I see that post you give as reference was from yesterday, nevertheless I’d like to ask what the update is on this specific situation?

Give me a little credit here when I have to ‘childishly’ admit that the moment of claiming the certificate is something to look forward to after all sweat, tears, frustration, anger and finally feeling relieved to become angry again because the certificate can’t be claimed.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can track the issue here:

It appears a PR with a fix has been made, it’s just awaiting review.

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It’s working for me now, managed to claim the certificate. Awesome work. Compliments for those who fixed it.