Clarification on "Build a Wikipedia Viewer"

The user story states: "I can search Wikipedia entries in a search box and see the resulting Wikipedia entries."
and it is asked to Build a app that is functionally similar to the on that is provided. Do I have to display the e.g. 10 most relevant entries according to what’s been typed or do I have to just redirect to the corresponding page? Because I think the user story implies the second… Which of the two is the expected functionality?

You are supposed to display on your codepen the entries(10, 20, however many you choose). It asks you also for a random article, that one you can open a new tab with the random article when the random button is clicked. But for the 10 entries, they should all be displayed on your codepen, otherwise you’d be opening 10 tabs!

I know, my question was if for example the user typed google, he would be redirected to the google Wikipedia page or not

You could add a link to each result you are displaying on your page so when the user searches for a term, results are displayed and when clicked on them they would open the corresponding wikipedia link.

It’s a nice functionality that’s asked for in the Beta but for the normal curriculum you don’t need to worry about linking your results with wikipedia pages if you don’t want to.