Clarification regarding path

The requirements for the instructions use show /id in the path sometimes and sometimes show it with an underscore see below:

  • You can make a GET request to /api/users/:_id/logs to retrieve a full exercise log of any user.

  • A request to a user’s log GET /api/users/:_id/logs returns a user object with a count property representing the number of exercises that belong to that user.

  • A GET request to /api/users/:id/logs will return the user object with a log array of all the exercises added.

See how the last one above specified the path differently and did use not the underscore. Is this just an oversight or is there some different meanings to these two? I have completed the requirements & passed the tests up until the point where I noticed this difference. Can someone who has created code to pass all these tests please comment?


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Challenge: Exercise Tracker

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After experimentation it appears that both of these things refer to the same thing so I’m marking this resolved.

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