Clarification to Split, join, reduce

Hi guys… i am being honest here i have basic understanding of the filter, sort, reduce, join, split and concat methods… I need a firm understanding for my own sake and i am hoping i will get any one can help with resourceful contents…
Please note i have gone through with the Mozilla Developers site and W3schools… still going through them to understand when it get to complex situations…

Do a search for the various method on the forum using the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner. Many of us have given detailed explanations and examples of how they work.

If you are having difficulty understanding a specific part of the documentation for a method, then ask about that part.

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Thanks @RandellDawson i will surely do so … God bless you for the help.

For a detailed case of using reduce, read the response I just gave on a different thread.

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Thanks a lot, i really appreciate your help… God bless you i will go through to understand better…