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Hello, I am brand new to any sort of coding and am just figuring things out, this question has nothing to do with the challenge itself but with the .box class. I added background-color: green just to see what would happen, expecting all the elements to turn green, but none of them did, is there a reason it gives priority to the other classes background colors first?

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.injected-text {
  margin-bottom: -25px;
  text-align: center;

.box {
  background-color: green;
  border-style: solid;
  border-color: black;
  border-width: 5px;
  text-align: center;

.yellow-box {
  background-color: yellow;
  padding: 20px 40px 20px 40px;

.red-box {
  background-color: crimson;
  color: #fff;
  margin: 20px 40px 20px 40px;

.blue-box {
  background-color: blue;
  color: #fff;
<h5 class="injected-text">margin</h5>

<div class="box yellow-box">
<h5 class="box red-box">padding</h5>
<h5 class="box blue-box">padding</h5>
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Challenge: Use Clockwise Notation to Specify the Margin of an Element

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Here, the background color of your first h5 element inside the div element is turning into green first because of your .box class. And later on the background color of your h5 is getting replaced with the background color of .red-box which is crimson .

<h5 class="box red-box">padding</h5>

That isn’t specificity, it is cascade. If you move the .box selector to the bottom of the CSS it will be applied as expected. Specificity is the weight of the selector.

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