Cleared challenges are not getting marked

I cleared 17 challenges of Applied Visual Design and none of them is getting marked as complete.

What do you mean when you say they are not “getting marked as complete”?

I mean in Curriculum list

If you look at your public portfolio, do they show up on your timeline (assuming that you have those features turned on)?

no it’s not showing up

Are you sure that you are signed in? Are you clicking “Submit and go to next challenge” every time?

Yes and yes

When you go to, does it say that you have completed any challenge?

yes it says 153 challenges completed
which makes sense cuz I’ve completed both basic HTML and basic CSS and it is marked as complete. It is just not marking the new ones that I’m doing right now

Thinigs I would suggest trying:

  • sign out and back in again
  • try using Incognito Mode or a browser with no extensions
  • use F12 to open the browser dev tools and see if any errors are being reported in the console

Signing back in seems to work