Clock 25-5 Test Problem

So I have no idea why i can’t pass those tests. Practically application does what it supposed to do and I double checked code but i must’ve missed something.

Github Page embedded with tests- Pomodoro Timer
Github Code - GitHub - M4rt1/pomodoro-app: Pomodoro Timer with ReactJS

Something I noticed - when you click “start/stop” → “reset”, you have to click “start/stop” twice to make the timer run again.

I’m pretty sure you have a timing synchronization problem. A number of tests indicate the timer has not reached 00:00. This means that the display of 00:00 did not stay for 1 second. In your Timer component’s decreaseTimer function, the default case is

this.setState((prevState) => {
                    return {
                        timerSecond: prevState.timerSecond - 1

and this won’t get called for another second. So that time remains on the display for 1 second. But when the timer gets to 0, you did

                    timerSecond: 59

in the switch case 0. You are resetting the timer immediately, so the display of 0 won’t stay on the display for 1 second. We discussed this issue in another thread (look for 25+5 Clock - Help) If you solve this timing problem, I believe many of the test failures will go away.

Another suggestion I would like to make is the way of tracking the time left. It seems like you’re keeping track of minutes in App and seconds in Timer. I think it will simplify a lot if you let Timer keep track of remaining time. Keep track of time remaining in seconds and convert that to min:sec when displaying it.

BTW, I like your visual. The page is very attractive.

By fixing that i managed to pass more test :grinning:

Yeah, so problem was that the timer when changing from session to break or vice versa was setting {minute} to {source minute -1} and 59 second. By fixing that i managed to pass rest of the tests :grinning:

Good. Glad to hear that. That timing thing is hard to detect because you actually can see 00:00 appear. FCC is running good tests, although it was frustrating and perplexing when you first saw that error.

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